About Us


     AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue has a mission to rescue and care for dogs and cats that are critically ill and/or injured. Many of these animals are strays, abandoned, abused, or neglected. These animals would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of owners, funding or space. We are dedicated in providing the medical care, basic needs, socialization and training needed to place them into responsible and caring permanent homes. We also place a great deal of emphasis on educating the public about the pet overpopulation crisis, the importance of spaying/neutering and responsible pet ownership.

     Hi, my name is Cecilia Nieves. I am a certified veterinary technician @ Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services as well as a full time mother and wife. For about a decade now, I have been well involved in the veterinary field and for more than half of those years been actively involved in rescue work as well. I have worked with all kinds of pets and wildlife to even working as a Zookeeper @ Busch Gardens-Tampa.

     Our name, AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, comes with a bit of history as well. My mother and I moved to Florida when I was 12yrs old. My wonderful friend, Jenna, helped me create my very first email address. Always knowing I wanted to be in the veterinary field, I searched for animal lover and it had already been taken. Trying to be creative, I spelled it AnimalLuvr and from then on this became my logo and nickname. Being that this is my dream of having a rescue it is pretty self-explanatory.

     In 2009 I began working hands on with both domestic and wildlife rescues that arrived to our emergency service in very critical conditions and this quickly made me realize that not only are there a lot of animals out there that need our help but a lot of them are strays that no one claims, confiscated animals and those that the owner either cannot or will not give them the care they need. The Tampa bay and surrounding areas are very lucky to have a hospital like Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services that opens its doors to those unclaimed animals and care for them when no one else will. I am more than honored to say that Dr. Katy Meyer is not only supportive of my mission and goals but will be assisting us as being one of our wonderful board members!

June 2014 – After a year and a half of lots of invested $, tons of paperwork, calling the IRS at least monthly to follow up and patiently waiting – WE HAVE OFFICIALLY RECEIVED OUR APPROVAL LETTER FOR OUR 501c3 TAX EXEMPTION!!