Step 1 – The application

Our adoption process begins with an  ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION. We understand that our application is lengthy, and we hope you will be willing to spend the time it might take to complete it. We rely heavily on the application to decide whether we have a rescue who might be a good match for you. Unfortunately, we do not have a rescue facility of our own, and we are not always able to introduce you to our rescues before you have filled out an application unless met at an adoption event.

Please understand that applications are read by volunteers who have jobs and other obligations, so it may take us a few days to respond to inquiries about applications.

We really appreciate your patience with our adoption process. We work very hard to be a good matchmaker between pet and adopter!

Step 2 – The phone interview

Volunteers review each adoption application, and if we think we might have a rescue who is a good match for you, we will contact you for a phone interview. The purpose of the phone interview is to learn more about your expectations for a dog and to discuss some of the rescues that may be a possible “match” for you. This is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions about our adoption process and our dogs. We often share nutrition guidance during the phone interview. If you are interested in a specific rescue – please let us know who. 🙂

Step 3 – The home safety check

Next we schedule a home safety check. Most of our adopters live in the Tampa Bay areas, and we have volunteers in those areas who do home safety checks. The purpose of the home safety check is to help adopters check their homes for pet-proofing and also point out any other potential safety issues that you might not have noticed (for example, snail bait or chemicals in the garage that are within reach of the pet, or a front door that faces a busy street where a dog can slip out, or a backyard gate that needs repair).

We also ask that all members of the household be present for the home safety check, because we want to met everyone and ensure that all members of the home are enthusiastic about bringing a new member into the family. Even if there is one person who will be the primary caretaker of the pet, we want to make sure everyone is prepared for the long-term commitment of a pet and keeping it safe.

Once a home safety check is passed, the adopter is now ready to adopt your new family member!

Step 4 – The adoption takes place!

Once an adopter is approved, we work out the logistics of having the adopter meet our rescues. Most of our adoptables are located in the Tampa Bay area. Some adopters want to meet several of our pets, and they can travel set up an appointment or come out to an event to spend time with the pets and decide which one to adopt. Other adopters are only interested in one particular pet, and we can usually find a volunteer to drive the pet at least part of the way to the adopter. We occasionally place a dog outside of the Tampa Bay Area, but the adopter must travel here to meet the pet or an appointment can be scheduled with foster parents.

Step 5 – The adoption donation

We don’t view an adoption as a purchase of a pet. We think every one of our rescues is priceless and worth far more than the donation you make when you adopt. We do depend on adoption donations to partially cover our costs, although they don’t come close to covering all our expenses. When you adopt from AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, you are making an adoption donation that is in the spirit of supporting our rescue group! That means that your donation is not payment for your pet; it is a contribution that helps us care for the next medically needy rescue.

Thank you for understanding that your adoption donation supports our rescue group and allows us to continue to rescue future dogs in honor of your pet’s adoption.

Step 6 – The follow-up

When possible, we really enjoy doing a follow up visit in person some time in the six months following the adoption. We like to stay in touch with our adopters anyway as it really encourages us to continue doing rescue when we hear updates on how our adopted pets are doing. We are also always available if you need any additional support with your new pet. We mostly want to make sure that your pet is flourishing in his or her new home environment and if not, what support or suggestions can we offer?

We love love LOVE to get new pictures and videos of our adopted rescues, as well as your stories and updates! We hope you will share your adoption experience with others who might consider rescuing a new family member.